Triple 12X Review by Steve

Posted on 30. Nov, 2008 by admin in Reviews

Did an outdoor festival Saturday and Jeff P from JTR brough a pair of Triple 12-X tops to try out.

We set the one pair of Triple 12-X’s on top of 2 pair of Growlers

I brought my SRX 722’s as well so we could A/B them. The SRX722’s and the Triple 12-X’s are very similar in size, weight, output, and price. Both are Line-X coated and are very good looking speakers. Basically, these are 2 high end speakers (for Loungers like me that is) that are going after the same market.

We set the JBL’s and the Triple 12-X’s up before the show and listened to both of them back and forth. We used no EQ in the DSP and listened to prerecorded music through them.

Given how much I like my Growlers, I shouldn’t have been surprised by how good the Triple 12-X’s sound, but I was. They are very good sounding speakers!

To me, the Triple 12-X’s were smoother and had less sizzle/fizz up high. The high end was not lacking in the least, there was just less sizzle/fizz overtone. The upper midrange on the Triple 12’s seemed clearer to me and vocals were more inteligible. Prerecorded music sounded more like the CD through the Triple 12-X’s to me, than it did through the SRX722’s.

When it was time for bands, I pulled the JBL’s down and just used the JTR rig. I got quite a lot of compliments on the sound (even w/me mixing), and a couple job offers resulted!

I ran sound for punk bands, acoustic acts, jazz acts, a couple acts that defy description, and a couple loud rock bands. The Triple 12-X’s were up to everything I threw at them, sounded good and were easy to mix on.

The JTR Triple 12-X and the JBL SRX722 are both very good sounding speakers and I’m more than happy to mix on either one, but I have to say that if I was buying today, I’d get the JTR’s.

disclaimers: This was not a scientific test, no analysers/SMAART were used, no corrective EQ/DSP’s, Driverack was used solely as a cross over, I was mixing, grain of salt, etc etc. yada yada….

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