Captivator 118HT

The Captivator 118HT is a bass reflex subwoofer with a 18″ driver and a 1200 watts amplifier is equipped with a full digital sound processor that has been optimized to the smoothest frequency response and highest possible output with minimal distortions.

MSRP $3598
Manufacture Direct $1799

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In stock
Frequency +/- 3db
19-190hz (in room response below 17hz)
1200 watts RMS (ICE Power 1200AS1 module)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
30″ x 20″ x 22.5″ (HxWxD)
129 lbs
18mm, 13ply, void free, Baltic Birch (several times stronger and more expensive than MDF)
Exterior Finish
Matte Black Paint (custom finishes available)
5 year Manufacturer defect
  • New DSP: Auto input select, advanced auto turn on & even lower noise floor
  • 18″ subwoofer drivers with 19 mm xmax (each way) and 60mm Xmech (peak to peak)
  • Ultra low moving mass (mms 253 grams)
  • High strength motor design (165.8 bl^2/re)
  • Custom treated/damped cone
  • Motor with 240oz magnets and 1/2″ thick steel
  • Bass Reflex Design tuned to 20hz
  • Heavily braced cabinet
  • Huge slot port for minimal turbulence and compression
  • Completely front firing for versatile installation
  • Magnetically attached grill
  • Built in 1200 watt RMS, DSP optimized, class D amplifier
  • Amplifier features XLR and RCA connectors, 12v trigger, auto turn on, adjustable delay, low end, and low pass filter
  • Amplifier warranty increased to 3 years

Baltic birch

Cotton Sound Damping

Polyester Sound Damping