Orbit Shifter LF review by Peter

Posted on 05. Aug, 2011 by admin in Reviews

Orbit Shifter LF review by Peter “fugueness” ~
“The Orbit Shifters punch you in the gut and rattle your rib cage, all while delivering incredibly clean, detailed, and powerful LFE. It was simultaneously exhilarating and eerie actually, resulting in a bit of cognitive dissonance – so much output, yet clean as a whistle. I’d seen the [...]

Triple 8X review by Dave Dermont

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Triple 8X review by Dave Dermont ~
“My latest Road Test gear is a pair of Triple 8x loudspeakers. As the name suggests, this cabinet is loaded with three 8 inch cones, one of which is a coaxial. They were shipped to me with the coaxial unit in the center, and I find this arrangement best [...]

Orbit Shifter LF review by Jeff Meier of Accu Cal

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Jeff Meier “umr” ~
“Those Orbit Shifters are awesome. The best home theater subwoofers I have heard.”

Triple 8HT-lp review by Claude “Bunga99″

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Claude “Bunga99” ~
“My subjective review/impressions of the Sealed JTR T8-HT-lp
Note: I do not consider myself as an audiophile, probably far from it, but I do know what I like.
Recently I ordered 3 Sealed T8-HT-lp.
The Sealed T8 provided me with more placement options to move my SubMersive in the front of my room and is blending [...]

Captivator review by James

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James “mastermaybe”~
“If most “AVS’ers” are anything like me, they appreciate and even seek out product user-reviews. Beyond just the entertainment value they provide to our hobby, they many times provide a wealth of knowledge, insight, and usage tips that can be critical when considering a new A/V component for our own homes. I know I [...]

Captivator review by Carl

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Carl “thebuckaman”~
“Having a 2 month old daughter has surely reduced my loud movie and music watching, so the initial listening sessions with the Caps have been fewer and far between than I would have liked. That being said, I had a wonderful 2-3 hours or so yesterday to let things rip while my wife and [...]

Triple 8X review by Mike

Posted on 07. Mar, 2010 by Jeff in Reviews

Triple 8X review by Mike~
“The 8x’s have been put though some gigs so I can now speak more about their performance and behavior.
As mains I am very pleased with them. I find them very articulate, they do not color the source at all. There is no mushy boominess like my Sx250s, and they are LOUD.
This [...]

Triple 12X and Growlers review by Rain

Posted on 30. Dec, 2009 by Jeff in Reviews

“Jeff brought down 4 Growlers and an infant set of Triple 12s for us Saturday and, as expected, I’m very very impressed. (Triple 12X’s were so new that the grills have not arrived yet.)
Set up time was minimal. LabGruppen on the tops, QSC on the subs.
Electricity looked to be short in supply (as the DJ [...]

Triple 12X Review by Steve

Posted on 30. Nov, 2008 by admin in Reviews

Did an outdoor festival Saturday and Jeff P from JTR brough a pair of Triple 12-X tops to try out.
We set the one pair of Triple 12-X’s on top of 2 pair of Growlers
I brought my SRX 722’s as well so we could A/B them. The SRX722’s and the Triple 12-X’s are very similar in [...]

Triple 12X review by Harley Osterlund

Posted on 11. Aug, 2008 by admin in Reviews

Did three shows in three nights with my two new Triple 12 loudspeakers and two Growlers. No real time to test them except a quick listen in my kitchen. As always everything is down to the wire no ring out time for the first show or the other three for that night. But here is [...]