The Noesis 215RT (reference tower) is  3 way loudspeaker equipped with two 15” woofers in a vented enclosure, combined with an ultra highend coaxial compression driver fitted on a large, wooden horn with a 60 x 60 coverage pattern.

MSRP $7198
Manufacture Direct $3599

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Built to order
Frequency +/- 3db
18hz-24khz (average in room lowend extension)
95db (2.0 volts, free air)
Usable Output**
128db (calculated peak 131 – 3db compression)
Recommended Amplification
up to 2000 watts RMS (program)
4 ohm
Dimensions (HxWxD)
24mm, 18ply, void free, Baltic Birch (Several times stronger and more expensive than MDF)
Exterior Finish
Matte black lacquer paint designed to be non-light reflective for home theater
Binding Post
5 year Manufacturer defect

Independently tested by

  • New for 2018 - Improved crossover for even lower distortion
  • Point source – sound from all the drivers time aligned and appear to come from the same location
  • Neodymium, coaxial compression driver with unique annular diaphragms
  • Horn loading down to 500hz
  • Wooden horn provides even coverage and amazing imaging
  • Symmetrical horn and low crossover points for best power response
  • 145db capable midrange for ultra low distortion
  • Acoustically time aligned, physically concentric coaxial
  • 17hz tuned bass reflex cabinet
  • NEW Woofers for 2016, lower moving mass, increased Xmax (19mm) and Xmech, custom surround/cone, improved spider.
  • Heavily braced cabinet
  • Massive binding post that accepts up to 2awg wire
  • Huge ports for minimal turbulence and compression
  • Completely front firing for versatile installation
  • Magnetically attached grill
  • Quality polypropylene capacitors
  • Quality perfect lay inductors
  • 2015 more full sounding voicing (relatively more mid bass)
  • 14hz highpass filter at 24db/oct recommended
  • 126.3db at 20hz, CEA-2010, 1/2 space, 1 meter, peak
  • +137db average, 40-125hz, CEA-2010, 1/2 space, 1m, peak

Baltic birch

Cotton Sound Damping

Oversized Binding posts

Time alignment